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【Ending】Godzilla Resurgence【Review】



Movie Summary in 10 seconds







This movie is about the situation which a huge monster, Godzilla would appear, for the first time, in modern Japan, and how human-beings would deal with that?


Reality(Japan) vs Fiction(Angel)?

I would like to mention this movie has some points in common with Neon Genesis Evangelion which is the Japanese SF-Anime movie. Godzilla in this movie could be the Angel in Evangelion? The director, Hideaki Anno who directed "Neon Genesis Evangelion" made this movie, instead of making brand-new Evangelion movie. To be honest, it would be hard for people who were born in 1990s to come to their minds in a straight way. Nevertheless, he decided to shoot a film for Godzilla. Why did he make Godzilla Resurgence at this time? At the same time, what would he like to impress with this movie?



Movie Summary in 10 seconds

The stage is a present Japan, which means that a peaceful world where people would communicate with some devices in a daily life. One day, an unexplained explosion occurred in the ocean neat Tokyo. Therefore, Japanese government had concluded a wrong hypothesis that that explosion was eruption of a new active volcano. Despite main character, Hiromi Hasegawa who worked for government pointed out possibility of the unidentified giant creature to emerge, the government did not take it serious, because they thought that this was an impractical theory. While slow-active government has been arguing about what it is and analyzing what is the cause of this stuff, the explosion source moved to land, and its true character was giant creature, named Godzilla, it evolved with some stages and started to destroy city of Tokyo. Then, prime minister, at last, organized specialized team for Godzilla and prepared to do a strategy which make Godzilla freeze. In the meantime, US decided to activate a military operation with nuclear bomb. Godzilla has 8 times as many genetic information as human beings, it is a complete organism that evolves in individuals and reproduces without reproduction, and furthermore overcomes death. There were only 2 options that Japanese government had for surviving. Accepting thermonuclear attack by the United Nations multinational force and to destroy Godzilla, or freezing Godzillas activities by Yashiori strategy.





They succeeding in freezing Godzilla at end. Freezed Godzilla looks like a prototype Evangelion which was stabbed by Casius spear. After Hiromi Hasegawa talked with Satomi Ishihara, the camera followed freezed Godzilla. The last cut of film was there were numerous something looks like arms of human on the tail of Godzilla, and end of story. It is directors unique and meaningful signature style. What did it come into being existence from dead Godzilla? Does it mean re-born Godzilla or newly-made human? In my opinion, it would be more interesting that Godzilla would give birth to human-type Godzilla, The last love song on this little planet. More scary, isnt it?





・Loooooooooooooooong council
Probably, longer council scene, less Godzilla scene. However, good tempo and rhythmical. That make me smile and awesome, seems like NERV to me. If your ages are under 30, you will feel fun.


Godzilla is INCREDIBLE
Terrific Godzilla and amazing Anno director. Who would know that Godzilla could evolve into next stages?


・Is this Evangelion?
From the beginning of the film, I feel like


If you watched any of Evangelion, you would definitely feel this is Evangelion without Evangelion. Story composition is similar to a movie, EVANGELION:1.0 YOU ARE (NOT) ALONE in 2007. The beginning of film is that Self defense force was completely useless against Godzilla would reminded me of the Battle of Sachiel. And the name of strategy, Yashiori in Godzilla and Yashima in Evangelion. Is that by accident? No way…


Lets compare with Yashima strategy.

Yashima strategy: encounter with Angel → defeated Shinji → national mobilization with Shinji → extermination

Yashiori strategy: appeared Godzilla → defeated Tokyo → general mobilization with government → mission completed

Do you think it is different? In addition to this, there is same details of strategy, which is attack after energy consumption. Is this Evangelion? Is Godzilla 6th AngelBy the way, Yashiori means the alcoholic drink which defeat Japanese ancient god, Yamatano-Orochi.


Absolutely, the contents of movie are truly brilliant. More than anything, it is interesting for me that Godzilla is sort of example for modern society problems, such as nuclear or radiation in Japan. It is hard for cabinet to make a decision about radical issues with any situations, yet funny and cynical. Obviously, there were a lot of laughs at the movie theater. At the end, government had right decision with that, it was terrific scene. Moreover, there are some thought-provoking scene, which is the daily-life scene that progresses as if nothing happened outside the damaged area. I guess that director Anno would like not to show a story in a world that has impaired the reality of animation, but the story through the fiction that appears in reality.